Glass Pool Fencing | A Quick Guide on Pool Security!

Because of the large number of people drowning in the pool, the Australian government agreed to introduce rules for pool fences and forced pool homes to set up a perimeter around the pool to protect those small lives. These actually pool safety standards and the pool fence is just a small part of it. Other factors include a house window, a real estate fence, and everything that can be climbed, which kids can use to climb and jump over a fence to get to the pool.

While it is always possible to use an iron perimeter fence of the pool, many households are opting for a more ascetic option and opting for a glass frameless design. The glass pool fence looks attractive and very modern. This will bring a more elegant feel to your pool area and complement the landscape. Most of the time, you won’t notice it right away an unobstructed view makes the window a very attractive option. Unlike conventional fences, a glass pool fencing gold coast will not make your garden look smaller. In fact, it can often enhance the feeling of more space around the pool.

Glass Fence Security

A question that people often ask is the safety of a glass fence. Many wonder how you can protect children from breaking the glass fence while protecting them from falling into the pool. The answer depends on the type of glass used. The wall is usually made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 12 mm. It is very difficult to break a 12 mm glass.

And if it breaks, because the glass hardens, it breaks into small pieces. In other words, if the glass breaks, it will soak into the glass stack, then it can be easily cleaned from the ground. This certified glass type is also used for shower screens and glass doors.

When you think of your wall, think of your yard. The bars come in a variety of styles and sizes. Also, two sets of similar styles do not look the same, as the exact result depends on other features of the landscape around the pool. It is your choice whether the application will become a distinctive feature of your garden or blend in with the existing environment.

Pool Safety Regulations

Even if the glass fence installation contractor ensures compliance with government regulations, it is recommended that you contact your local municipality or yourself before installing the fence. Once the fence is installed, they will send someone to inspect your pool, so it makes sense to get it right from the start.

It’s about security. Once the fence is installed, don’t completely rely on this fence for safety around your pool. For people with young children, it is very important to monitor them constantly. Also check the surrounding fencee, window locks, and anything that children can climb. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!


While there are many companies that offer DIY glass pool fence kits, it is recommended that you hire a contractor to install your wall. It is very easy to break a bottle if not handled properly. You can save on the cost of the kit, but if something goes wrong, it can be more expensive.